Universities Portal

Universities Portal serves as a platform for all the students from around the world, who are willing to pursue their higher education in a university of their choice.  Our team consists of faculty members, alumni and students from prestigous universities.  


There are different ways to apply for admission to a German university. The application procedure depends on which subject you would like to study and where you come from. Requirements and application deadlines can vary from university to university, and even from degree programme to degree programme.

There are 3 places which accept applications for admission to university:
  • The Trust for admission to higher education
  • Uni-assist
  • The university of your choice. 

The right address for your application depends on:
The subject you wish to study
Your country of origin

Note: Most of the German Universities needs a hard copy of your application posted to the university along with the online application in most of the cases.
Application via Uni-Assist

Uni-assist assesses whether your international certificates are equivalent to those issued by German schools and universities, and whether they entitle you to apply for admission to German university. At the universities’ request, uni-assist can assess other application requirements, for example, the candidate’s language skills.

With uni-assist, you submit one set of application documents and ap​ply for a study place at several universities at once. (Fees for Apply as early as possible! If you happen to forget a required document, this will give you ample time to submit it before the deadline arrives. Therefore, send in your application to uni-assist early enough. The assessment process at uni-assist can take between four and six weeks. If your documents are in order and you meet the formal admission requirements, uni-assist forwards your application to the universities for consideration.

The final admission decision is made by the university – not by uni-assist. 
The handling fees of Uni-assist for evaluation of international certificates and the preliminary examination of the application documents for the first university are 75 EUR. The fees for each additional application to a further university within the same semester are 15 EUR.