Universities Portal

Universities Portal serves as a platform for all the students from around the world, who are willing to pursue their higher education in a university of their choice.  Our team consists of faculty members, alumni and students from prestigous universities.  

ABOUT Universities Portal

Universities Portal is a platform which is helping students around the globe in making the right decisions for their higher education. Universities Portal is a place where the future of students from around the world is thought out. The Portal is proving to be a hotspot with increasing international students using it as a way to their dream colleges.

The platform was initially started with German universities Portal and is now extended to Austrailia, Canada, Malaysia, Switzerland, United States and United Kingdom.

Our team provides information and guide based on their knowledge of the university and the surrounding. We have a team which is not only linked to the best institutes around the world but they also belong to diverse fields, from medicine, engineering to apprenticeship. Our team members are experienced and could help you in making the right decision.

The students have many questions when they start their college applications and they wish to avoid any mistakes. The college applications are sometimes quite hectic and lack of knowledge is a hindrance for many students. Hence to build a bridge between the student and their college, we try our best to help out
Maroof Ahmed Malik
CEO & Founder
Board Members